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Community Fund – Fundación Fauna de la Amazonía – January Update

Hi, there! It’s time again for the latest from Ecuador!

Well, the ‘rainy season’ has continued…..the road in and out was blocked again by landslides, and to leave we had to walk past the Rio Anzu (about seven or eight kilometres) before it was possible to be picked up for the rest of the way to Mera. Sadly, many people have lost their homes, and at least part of their land, not far from us, and a house collapsed on a family near the roadway to Puyo due to floodwaters – killing two of the children inside – very sad indeed.

This month, we have been delighted to welcome Matthew and Alice who have come to visit and help on the land. They arrived mid-month and have already assisted magnificently with a number of tasks, including cleaning out the dike (dam) and one of the big water tanks; cutting and clearing grass near the boundary of the land and around newly planted trees; planting some trees in the forest; and helping with Pete and Glen and others on the first stage of the new pathway into the land from the new entrance. This latter work involves lifting and moving lots of rocks and sand and setting these out on the path – carried out with great humour and energy – Good One, Guys!

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Community Fund – Fundación Fauna de la Amazonía – December Update

grasshopperHello, and Happy New Days to all our Friends and Supporters from over here in wet and (mainly) warm Pastaza, Ecuador from all of us at the Fundación Fauna de la Amazonía!

Over the past two to three weeks, there has been some pretty intense rainfall (some of it for 24 hours and more!); there have been trees a-falling on and around the land and the road in has been blocked by heavy landslides and fallen trees at least twice now in the last week. This has meant no traffic in, or out, until the local municipio (council) has managed to clear the damage.  The first high bridge on the road in, over the Río Tigre, was also threatened by the high flood waters in the river and had to be reinforced rapidly as soon as the water level had receded somewhat. A little concerning……………

Most recently added (and older) photographs may be seen at:


and please have a look at our new website and regularly updated Facebook page, too…………



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Community Fund – Fundación Fauna de la Amazonía – November Update

Hola a todos y todas (Hi, everyone),

Another month has swiftly passed by and here is the latest news (and for those who don’t receive the photos), views, on our Flickr page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/fdla-group/    Please have a look……………………

Well the big news this month, is that work on the new entrance to the land and the quarantine/clinic has finally started! The machinery rolled off its delivery truck and started work straight away last Thursday – opening up the high bank at the side of the road and leveling as much as possible of the way up the hill for future access to the Centre. Many thanks and appreciation are due to the Alcalde (mayor) and Prefecto (prefect) of the Consejo de Pastaza (Pastaza Regional Council) for their support – it is much appreciated. Carlos, the skilled plant-operator has been doing an excellent piece of work and the trucks are now rolling in with the materials to backfill the roadway and complete the turning area at the top.

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Community Fund – Fundación Fauna de la Amazonía – October Update

Hello again, from Ecuador at the end of October – here’s the most recent news and views (please have a look at the Flickr page for the latest photos –  https://www.flickr.com/photos/fdla-group/ ).

Firstly, a huge, big “Muchas Gracias” (thank you very much!) to our amazing supporters at Vegware, who have agreed to support the Fundación financially for a further year.  Not only that, after our recent re-application for support, they have offered an increased Community Fund Grant. This will help us greatly with our running costs and will enable us to continue to develop the new Conservation and Animal Rescue Centre. Do please check out their website and do use their services if you can and recommend them to others –   https://www.vegware.com/ .

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Community Fund – Fundación Fauna de la Amazonía – September Update

Welcome to the latest update from the ever-changing environs around the Fundación Fauna de la Amazonía’s Conservation Centre here in Pastaza, Ecuador!

Well, the ‘dryish season’ would appear to be over – with torrential rainstorms passing over (sometimes fast, other times lingering for many hours) – with some periods of intense sunlight in between, as well as some amazing starry nights! One of the other fascinating dimensions to the Ecuadorian ‘landscape’ are the many, varied cloud formations that abound due to the mountainous areas around, and presumably affected by the rising humidity, as well as the thermal systems carrying the vapour upwards. There have been some amazing sunsets seen around the region (not so on the land as the sun departs from the land, behind the hills, towards late afternoon) – and some beautiful sunrises.

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Community Fund – Fundación Fauna de la Amazonía – August Update

Hello to all from Ecuador once again!

Well – it is ‘butterfly season’ again – a seemingly endless number of different species are around, in this the (slightly) drier, hotter season. Sadly, many are very difficult to photograph as they tend not to stand still for too long – however we have managed to capture some on camera.

And although it is summer, there have been some amazing thunderstorms echoing around us amongst the hills and valleys, with some fabulous lightshows at night. And there has been some hail – which is practically unheard of around these parts!

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Community Fund – Fundación Fauna de la Amazonía – July Update

Hello to a belated update from the Fundación this month!

We are a slightly reduced team at the moment as both Glen and myself are back in the UK for short visits……..

General maintenance work has continued on the land and Pete has begun clearance and investigation activities on his own land – and at the same time spotting many more interesting animal and plant species endemic to the area! He is also reforesting  – planting trees and clearing grass; and planning a water supply for the future.

A noisy group of Caracaras (Phalcoboenus sp) has been seen flying and heard, and a giant land snail with a shell of around 20 centimetres in length also.

Also, a very large (around two metres in length) Equis was seen on the roadway!

We await support from the Consejo (Council) to help with the new entrance to the land – it is unfortunately delayed at the moment due to a lack of available machinery.

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Community Fund – Fundación Fauna de la Amazonía – June Update

Hello, again from the rainforest in the Amazonas area of Ecuador.

Well, sadly, this month we had to bid farewell to Ramon who was a real asset to the team with his positive approach and hard work. Many thanks, Ramon, for your help and safe journeys in Peru and home to Spain!

Some more excellent news this month…….Peter, who has been here with us now for some time, has just bought 46 hectares of mainly jungle land very close by the Fundación’s land. He aims to protect and reforest where possible, and he has ideas for sustainable crop production, as well as ideas regarding eco-tourism and building a home. Good one, Pete!

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Community Fund – Fundación Fauna de la Amazonía – May Update

89 butterfly 1Welcome to the latest from the Fundacíon, here in Pastaza, Ecuador.

Well, sadly, robbers were back on the land again and managed to fell at least two more Sangre de Drago trees on the Fundacíon land before they were chased off after some stealthy pursuit by Glen and the team. By now we hope that they have learnt that we are on the land and will not allow trees to be randomly poached in this way. This happened in the first week of the month, not long after the first trees were cut, and so far they have not been back………………

Otherwise spotted on and around, and near the land this month, have been three Spotted Chachalacas (Ortalis guttata) – (a bird species similar to the currasows, and small pavas); the Tamarin Monkeys have again been seen – this time a group of over ten individuals, which is one of the largest groups that has been seen nearby! The toucans have been around regularly – both the White-throated and the Black-mandibled; a flock over twenty parakeets has been seen flying past on more than one occasion.

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Community Fund – Fundación Fauna de la Amazonía – April Update

Hello, again, from Pastaza, Ecuador.

As many, if not all, will know, recently the country was hit by a major earthquake on the coastal regions causing great damage, with over 600 people killed and thousands more injured and many more made homeless. Terrible and very sad news! The situation is dire for many people and if you wish more information, please check out on-line.

Tremors were felt here in Puyo and around the region, although there was little or no damage caused.

On the land, we are delighted to welcome Ramon, from near Barcelona, Spain, who has joined us for a few months. He has very quickly fitted into the team and has been a great help  – assisting with more cleaning and clearing of the land around the pond and the clinic, moving up sand and stones to help with the construction of the toilet/shower, and planting out of the donated plants and others grown from seed, as well as spending time investigating the land and visiting other areas of Ecuador.

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