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Community Fund – Wiggly Worm Ltd – December Update

Please find below some pictures demonstrating how we have used the Vegware products this month.

 They have been very useful for our weekly Kitchen Challenge programme, where a group of 9 people with disabilities hoping to get jobs in the catering industry have been cooking a range of dishes, and using the disposables for their lunch and for taking their dishes home in.

 We are also about to start our No Child Hungry campaign next week, feeding local families in community centres in Gloucester, Cheltenham and Cirencester who are living in food poverty, and the Vegware disposables will be very important in ensuring the hot nutritious food gets to those needing it most.

Community Fund – Wiggly Worm Ltd – November Update

This month, thanks to the kind donation of the vegware products, Wiggly Worm has carried out numerous projects which has used these resources to help.

Our parent and child ‘Get Cooking’ sessions have been running at a local primary school in Gloucestershire, teaching families some basic recipes to inspire them to try at home.  The packaging has been used to take products that were made in the sessions home to the rest of their families to enjoy.

A new ‘Kitchen Challenge’ programme has also started in Stroud in November, aiming to help 10 individuals gain real work skills to help them to get jobs in the future.  During the sessions, the team prepare lunch for the rest of the group and serve them using the biodegradable containers and cutlery.  This helps to speed up the clearing up and ensures that the participants, volunteers and staff are able to focus on the activities.

The ‘Little Green Wiggly Machine’ has also provided food for 80 people at a charity fundraiser event at another local primary school.   We served up delicious hot pulled pork in brioche buns, or vegetarian chilli with herby couscous a cold November evening, to help raise funds for our No Child Hungry work which will start in the new year.

We look forward to the month ahead with more exciting projects lined up, which will see Wiggly Worm using the vegware products to help us to use food to bring people together and provide skills to help vulnerable people gain employment.

Community Fund – Wiggly Worm Ltd – September Update

Brekky 1We’ve been having a bit of a  “re-group” since our busy Summer campaign and are now starting to plan our winter “No Child Hungry” campaign- which is planned to start mid-November. Because of this, we have not been out and about feeding over the past few weeks.

We did this event for “Carers Gloucetershire” where we served porridge with raspberry compote; poached eggs with home-made hollandaise sauce and spicy giant beans with chorizo.

 As always, we really appreciate your donations as they mean we can make our surplus go that bit further and do more of this type of event. We are now gearing up for our winter feeding stations and will keep you posted once these start.