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Community Fund – Meesden Community Garden – July update

We are now in the middle of our growing season and thanks to recent rainfall everything in the garden is looking great. We have just started cropping our potatoes and have already had an abundant crop of Peas which everyone agree are the tastiest they have ever had. As well as the Potatoes and Peas we have been able to supply the people in our village with Rhubarb, Lettuce, Garlic, Strawberry plants and Tomato plants and we will soon have a good crop of Beans, Leeks, Carrots, Onions and Broccoli.

Community Fund – Meesden Village Committee – January Update

Spring is just around the corner and thoughts once again turn to growing.

The generous donations from Vegware have been used to buy equipment that will gently warm the soil under seedlings so that they start to grow. The pictures show our first sowings of lettuce growing in the incubator that will be planted up in the next few weeks and transferred into the cold frame shown in the second picture. The underground cable in the cold frame will warm the plants just enough to ward off the cold and keep them growing till it is time to plant them outside.

Thanks again to you all at Vegware.

Community Fund – Meesden Village Committee – September Update

The garden looks a bit untidy at this time of year. Summer vegetables have finished and have started to die back leaving only the winter crops like the Broccoli Romanesco in the picture that are just starting to fruit. One trial crop Cucamelon produces small grape sized fruit that look like a water melon, but taste like a cucumber. We do have a few Beetroot still looking healthy despite the recent dry weather. Unfortunately most of the Parsnip that we grew have been eaten by mice, but they haven’t touched any of the Swede so we will have something to pick for our winter soups.

Community Fund – Meesden Village Committee – June Update

It has been another busy month here on the community garden in Meesden. The warm damp weather over the past month has boosted growth, but has brought with it a large increase in slug activity. Thankfully the early potatoes escaped their attention, but in just one night they ate 50% of the French Bean plants that had been planted out and every single Runner Bean plant. A panic purchase of slug pellets was made and with a daily scattering has halted their invasion, but we had to re-sow Runner Bean seeds and hope that they will grow and crop before the season ends.

Dug Potatoes Potatoes July 5

Community Fund – Meesden Village Committee – May Update

Beans and Potatoes

Beside a vigorous growth of Rhubarb which we have been able to crop over the past month, most of the work this season has been preparation. Thanks to a recent spell of warm dry weather the ground has been prepared and the structure is in place for the Runner Beans, the recently sown French Beans are growing well in pots and re ready for planting on and the early crop of potatoes are flowering ready for lifting next month.

Seeds that were sown in April are only just starting to grow, the cold wet weather in April having held them back. If the warm weather continues we should be able to plant out most of the remaining crop in a week or two.

Community Fund – Meesden Village Committee – April Update

There has been much hard work done over the past few weeks digging the ground, weeding and soil improving. Most seeds have yet to be sown or to show above ground level. Some early plantings were dug up by rabbits and a nice patch of strawberry plants were eaten by deer that roam freely around our village at night. Our village shop is still selling onions that I grew last year and have stored over winter in my garage. I am planning a wider range of vegetables this year, but will have to see what the local wildlife allows me to grow.

Community Fund – Meesden Community Garden – June Update

Plants are growing very rapidly as you can see from the photos below. We are digging the early potatoes and pulling up the fist few onions which are being sold to people in the village in our Friday shop. The runner beans are climbing up the support that we purchased with the money you kindly donate. With the aid of the fencing and netting we have so-far been able to keep the birds and rabbits at bay. We thank you very much for the money you give as this makes gardening for the community much more rewarding!