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Community Fund – LKYPG – August Update

Lower Kersal Young Peoples group voulenteers enjoyed a day on their allotments. All the voulenteers brought food to celebrate the groups crops that were grown this year.

Leek and potato soup was made. Along with Rhubarb crumble and many other ingredients grown in the allotments such as: Onions, Peas, Herbs, Peppers, Plums and Pears.

Everybody had a lovely time and are looking forward to next years crops.

Community Fund – LKYPG – July Update

Hey there again! It’s August, and this means that the LKYPG have already started to harvest some of their bountiful crop for this year! The volunteers have STILL been planting however. They have been starting with some leeks, in the hopes that they will grow bigger and better. Some of the Young People involved in the group have also been involved, and have been learning how to prepare the leeks to be put in the ground! Another good month, for the LKYPG!

Community Fund – LKYPG – June Update

The Lower Kersal Young Peoples Group Allotment is looking great, with the fruit and veg ready to harvest in another month or so.

The volunteers that regularly attend have done a fantastic job in looking after the plot all year round.

Most of the crop this year will be given to the volunteers, who work on the allotment, with some of the produce being used for cooking sessions, which will be held later in the year.

Community Fund – LKYPG – May Update

Hey there guys! LKYPG back again, with a selection of pictures from the last few weeks of work on the plot! Things are going fantastically, and the allotment has really started to bloom. Some of the local people have been bringing on their grandchildren and have started to work together, as part of an over 55s group project. Stay tuned for the true beauty of the plot, as it will only get bigger and better now in the summer months! Anything else you might need, give us a call! 

Community Fund – LKYPG – April Update

The Lower Kersal Young Peoples Group held their Project Shed presentation last week, on Tuesday the 26th of April, with many members of the public turning up to view the fantastic work that the group has been doing. Everybody had a fantastic time, with tea, scones and even a light hearted debate thrown in for good fun! Hopefully these pictures find you well, and look for more in the future! Thank you again, The LKYPG.

Community Fund – LKYPG – March Update

The LKYPG today have met with some of their volunteers in order to prepare and plan for the Project Shed presentation, which is scheduled for the end of April, with 50+ guests ready to come and view what the members of the group have been up to! The greenhouse, as you can see is full of plants and bulbs, ready to be planted in the coming month. Stay tuned for more updates from the group, including pictures from the event itself! I am sure you will find them interesting!