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Community Fund – LoveBread – September Update

This month we have been working back in schools, from primary to post-16. We have made’ breadgehogs’, pitta breads. naan breads and baguettes – for children to take home and share with their family, but also for school kitchens to serve real bread as part of their school lunch menu.

We have also held our first Friday Drop=in, where we opened up our kitchen and invited people to come and use our setting to experiment with breadmaking. Pretzels and more breadgehogs were the result!

Community Fund – LoveBread – August Update

This month as it has been the summer holidays, we have run 8 children’s baking sessions – making baguettes, Stromboli ( a kind of rolled pizza), ‘bread’gehogs and more. Over 80 children have baked with us and one of their favourite parts of the sessions is decorating their Vegware bags to take the bread home in. They copy down the recipes then design their own bakery logo and illustrations.

Community Fund – LoveBread – June Update

This month we have used our bags for an exciting new project….West Yorkshire’s first Food Assembly! Part of a worldwide organisation, Food Assembly aims to provide an online farmers’ market experience…sourcing locally produced food from small food businesses. We have had a great first 2 weeks, supplying our real bread to the people of Halifax and beyond. 

More information about Food Assemblies here:


Community Fund – LoveBread – April Update

Last month we used your bags for the 1960s themed Spring Market in our home town of Brighouse. Brighouse has a fantastic business community who have worked really hard over the past 3 years to create some of the most popular street market events in the country. They are our busiest weekends of the year and involve pretty much everyone who volunteers and works at the bakery. We have people on the stalls, people baking and people carrying trays of hot bread down to our stall (usually followed by a small crowd!). We baked 1000 loaves and sold out both days. Thanks for the bags! Spreading the Love Bread word!

Community Fund – LoveBread – December Update

Thanks for the bags from the community fund.

This month we have been working at Moorlands Primary School in Huddersfield, with Year 1, 2 and 3 children. We have made breadsticks, grissini, pitta bread and dinner rolls. The children adapt their bags to show key ingredients and weights so that they all take the bread recipe home with them. We hope that some will try again at home.