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Community Fund – Howden Clough Cooperative Farm – January Update

2017 is now well underway and it’s hard to believe that Spring is almost upon us. The Avian influenza outbreak has continued to restrict many of our plans with regards to breeding our poultry. We have not yet had confirmation of an end to the quarantine; however, we are hoping that come early Spring time, an end will be in sight. In the meantime, we do our best to keep our birds as comfortable and happy as possible with netted barn doors which let natural light and air in. 

In the spring, we can start incubating our duck and chicken eggs. We are really exited about our mandarin ducks which should lay their first batch of eggs this year. They are one of the most colourful species of duck; especially the drake.

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Community Fund – Howden Clough Cooperative Farm – December Update

Well what a few week we have had due to a bird flue out break which has got as far as Louth in Lincoln, we have had to quarantine all our poultry and other live stock for 30 days at least, I don,t think they are too happy but at least they still have plenty of space to move about in. We also have 2 new additions to our live stock, two white doves which are doing really well (pic below). In December we harvested our remaining red onions from the raised beds in the poly tunnel, we ended up with a few kilo, so not to waste any I decided to make a caramelised onion marmalade, which I feel compelled to share the recipe as wow what a result so here it is:

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Community Fund – Howden Clough Cooperative Farm – November Update

Over the last few weeks we have had some really bad bouts of rain. I think we are finally getting on top of the drainage problem (huge relief) as it has been an ongoing problem with the clay base under the soil. 

All our live stock seem happy, although Winter is here it has not been severe as yet. Our hens and ducks are laying quite well and we look forward to our incubation projects in the Spring; it is one of the highlights our students look forward to most. We are hoping to invite the younger children to the farm from various local junior schools to give them an insight to the fundamentals of running a small holding. 

Once again we really appreciate your support which is helping us with many improvements. I am adding some recent photographs taken of our ducks and hens .

Community Fund – Howden Clough Cooperative Farm – October Update

Good Morning, We would like to say thank you to the community team at Vegware for the support being provided on our new venture within the grounds of Batley Girls High School as the management of the farm is transferred to volunteers.

We know the new team have to focus on the basics as the foundations laid will help us build with strength and looking back is often a good place to start moving forward!

The conditions during the winter months can be a bit grim to say the least as the clay soil soon becomes waterlogged as the photo attached taken in January indicates and our attempts to install land drainage has only been partially successful within a small area. So we certainly have a massive task ahead.

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