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Community Fund – Glasgow Old People’s Welfare Association – August update

The garden is now progressing very well and furniture in the shape of a tables, chairs and a smaller table have been identified and ordered. Below are pictures. We have yet to see any birdlife make use of the birds nest in the tree and the variable weather has impacted upon the flourishing of flowers and produce. We have however been able to grow some strawberries successfully and a number of plants have bloomed. Moreover, the hanging baskets at the entrance to the Centre look fantastic and certainly lend the premises and added beauty. When fine weather has been favourable, service users have enjoyed sitting in the garden and the sheltered area at the north corner has proven highly popular.

Below are photos of tables and chairs we intend to purchase.

Community Fund – Glasgow Old People’s Welfare Association – July update

Garden Project Update

All concrete work has now been completed and a secluded roofed area erected in the far corner of the garden area. Likewise, a workbench for making potted plants has been completed, save for sanding. A bird house has also been placed in the trees at the end of the garden and we have now produced some strawberries from our plants.

Service users are enjoying use of the garden and we hope to use some of our produce at lunchtime if plants continue to bear fruit.

Community Fund – Glasgow Old People’s Welfare Association – February report

Winter has been such a long drawn out few months and the weather has been very bleak.  However that being said we are all raring to get going with the gardening project and we are still developing our designs and creations through our planning meetings.  Our visit to Dobbies is still planned for 13th March where we will be purchasing all the equipment to progress with our garden and hopefully we will soon reap the rewards from this. 


Community Fund – Glasgow Old People’s Welfare Association – January report

In the December planning meeting the group had agreed to start moving the soil out of the planters, however the general consensus at the January meeting agreed to postpone this until after the bulbs have flowered.  The group have agreed to plan a trip to Dobbies on 17th March to purchase the plants and hanging baskets to be suspended in the garden area.  We will also purchase paint to treat the benches along with nails and fitments for the hanging baskets in February.  We also held three bunting making workshops (photo attached) in January.  Roll on March!

Community Fund – Glasgow Old People’s Welfare Association – December report

image2In December we held another planning meeting to work on our progression with the garden area over the next few months as there had been no activity due to the weather conditions.

 At the planning meeting It was agreed a larger seating area would be very beneficial for the service users and they would purchase a new seating for the garden area in the Spring.

 We will also arrange a visit to Dobbies to purchase plants which have a wildlife sensory benefit and other plants for produce which will benefit the service users.  Exciting times ahead. 

Community Fund – Glasgow Old People’s Welfare Association – November report

gowpaNovember has been another cold month so there haven’t been a lot of service users out in the garden, however there has been lots of planning behind the scenes. Another planning meeting took place to decide how best to go about developing the garden and an action plan is now in place!

The group which is planning the garden is made up of service users, GOPWA staff and also staff from the Woodland Community Development Trust. GOPWA staff don’t have a lot of experience with gardens so are relying on the service users and Woodland’s Community Development Trust to lead the way!

There have been lots of suggestions from the group as to what to include in the garden – geraniums, petunias, lilac trees, begonias as well as strawberries, peas, berries and currants. It is hoped that the garden will become a haven for wildlife and welcome people into the centre.

The team are also working with the kitchen staff to see what produce could be grown for use in lunches and snacks. It’s all very exciting and we can’t wait to get started!

Community Fund – Glasgow Old People’s Welfare Association – October report

It has been a cold month in the garden and October has seen big changes at the Fred Paton Centre. Lots of new service users have begun attending the centre and so staff have been finding out who would like to get involved with gardening. Service user JR has expressed an interest in being involved in the maintaining the garden and he has identified the plants and vegetables that we currently have growing and has made suggestions improve upon the garden as it presently stands. JR has insight into what flowers and produce should be planted at what time of year, and what soil type is preferred for best outcomes. He’s looking forward to getting involved in the upkeep of the garden.

As Winter is almost here, this is the opportune time to start looking at how we plan to develop the space into a Dementia Friendly Sensory Garden. The team has met with the Woodlands Development Community Trust who are also based in the Fred Paton Centre. The Woodlands team have a large community garden and hub nearby and so are experienced at working in gardens and with the community. It’s a very exciting time and we hope to have more to share in next month’s report and perhaps some plans too!

Community Fund – Glasgow Old People’s Welfare Association – September report

September has been a busy month – we planted some cyclamens and violas for Autumnal colour and the snap dragons and cosmos are still flowering. Sadly the sweet peas are finished for the year, but we’re already looking forward to next year’s batch!

In preparation for winter we cut back some of the herbs and perennials and had a general tidy up. The pots are all washed out and stacked ready for use in the new year.

Our volunteers and service users are looking forward to planting spring bulbs over the next few months and will be making some lovely Christmas wreaths in the lead up to Christmas.

Community Fund – Glasgow Old People’s Welfare Association – July report

As this is our first report on the garden we thought we’d give some background to the project and show what has been happening over the summer. It’s been a good year for the garden and we have harvested cabbage, curly kale, broad beans, onions, herbs and strawberries. We’re currently looking at what else we can plant to harvest next year as it’s great to be able to grow things which can be used at lunchtime.

As you’ll know, it hasn’t been a particularly sunny summer, but the flowers have been enjoyed by our service users on the few occasions they’ve been able to get outside! The flowers offer an inviting splash of colour which encourages service users to sit outside in the sunshine. Every year we grow sweet peas – they’re a firm favourite – and we place them round the centre so service users enjoy their fresh scent. We’re planning to grow more flowers which can be cut and placed in the centre so they can be enjoyed both inside and out.

We are currently saving for a small greenhouse which will be a welcome addition to the garden as it will enable us to grow a greater variety of plants.