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Community Fund – Edinburgh Garden Partners – December Update

Focusing more on a ‘seasonal operation’ (concentrating our resources on the busy ‘growing months’) means that things have been relatively quiet here… we have been planning for the 2017 growing season, redrafting PR materials, overhauling our tool store, stocking up on seeds and trowels and of course searching for funding to keep EGP alive.

The amazing ongoing support from Vegware means that we can afford to have seeds and tools ready for the new garden shares we will create this coming Spring – we currently have 16 gardens waiting and 12 volunteers at the application stage with 6 more expressions of interest to be followed up.

So the relative ‘quiet’ will not last long…

Community Fund – Edinburgh Garden Partners – August/September Update

The grass, and weeds, have finally stopped growing so things are calmer here in the EGP office!!! The waiting list continues to grow though so we are not idle… we have been present at several relevant fairs/events recently looking to recruit new gardening volunteers. Our lovely new stash of PR leaflets has been essential for this – huge thanks Vegware for funding those. 

In early September we were delighted to be able to offer our hard working volunteers another opportunity to experience the art of ‘foraging’ – we ran another ‘forgaging walk’ after the success of the oversubscribed walk earlier in the year. Again thanks to Vegware we were able to cover the expenses of the workshop leader. Finally, we needed to purchase an additional and unexpected six hand trowels for a late flurry of volunteer new starts, our grateful thanks to Vegware for being able to do that!

Community Fund – Edinburgh Garden Partners – July Update

img_1182June and July are probably the busiest months of the year for us here at EGP. The phone rings endlessly with stressed, elderly/vulnerable garden owners looking for help with their gardens that are in full flourishing mode…. We desperately try to match these gardens to willing volunteer gardeners but usually the number of gardens outstrips the supply of willing bodies!

We thus run an ongoing volunteer recruitment drive at this time of year. To add an additional tricky dimension to our garden/volunteer juggling act, the Leith area this year has given us particular issues with a lack of gardens coming forward. Thus we needed to actively recruit gardens in that area. As we struggle on with a very difficult financial situation printing more recruitment materials to allow us to maintain our services becomes difficult. We took the decision in June to use our life-saving Vegware money to secure enough printed recruitment materials to last us over the summer and maybe a little further beyond.

Huge thanks, as ever, to Vegware for this invaluable pot of money that simply allows us a bit of spontaneity and flexibility within a crazily tight budget!

Here our our lovely recruitment cards, fast spilling out across the city!

Community Fund – Edinburgh Garden Partners – June Update

DSCN1735[1]EGP is super busy at this time of year – June has seen more garden partnerships created and older partnerships nurtured. The highlight has been providing two tailor made ‘Foraging Walks’ lead by experienced guides for our lovely volunteers. We were able to make a donation to the guides to cover their expenses for putting on such a lovely and useful experience.

Huge thanks as ever to Vegware for the very generous donation that gives us flexibility to be creative and thank our volunteers in this way. We had amazing feedback from all who attended!

Community Fund – Edinburgh Garden Partners – May Update

It’s full-on here at Edinburgh Garden Partners as the sun finally starts to shine and the grass, and certainly the weeds, start growing with a vengence!

Several new garden shares have been established during this month, a notable one behind a large tenement block in Newington that has a huge unloved back green for sharing, we have so far placed 4 very happy volunteers there with grand plans for the space.

Our cherished garden volunteers joined us staff for the annual EGP ‘pot luck picnic’, this year we held it at the Botanical Gardens (huge thanks to them for allowing us to do so). The picnic was much enhanced by the lovely Vegware plates, cups, napkins and cutlerly so kindly donated to us a wee while ago – as ever, grateful thanks to you!

Community Fund – Edinburgh Garden Partners – April Update

During April we took on a shared ‘backgreen’ in the south of the city. This space has been tended for years by just one resident, her health is now failing and she approached us to find someone to help her as other residents have so far failed to engage. 

We have placed a lovely novice gardener who is keen to get stuck in and learn from the vast experience of the established resident gardener. Both are now working together and to make things easier, and keep the resident gardener involved for as long as possible, we have built some raised beds for growing fruit and veg. 

Vegware’s lovely contribution has helped us do this and has made the difference in keeping this green space utilised and productive and keeping this lovely lady involved in her garden while training up a new, keen grower! A win win!!!

Community Fund – Edinburgh Garden Partners – March Update

IMG_0225Spring has finally sprung and the phone is ringing and the website is buzzing with enquiries from worried garden owners and keen ‘gardenless’ gardeners!

In anticipation of making all these lovely matches we have stocked up on trowels, seeds and gardening gloves to get everyone started asap. Huge thanks to Vegware for the monthly donation, it gives us the possibility to make additional much needed purchases like this that make all the difference to volunteers and garden owners alike!!!

Community Fund – Edinburgh Garden Partners – December Update

IMG00952-20160107-1303Even though the grass has stopped growing it’s still super busy here at Edinburgh Garden Partners! The winter months see us tackling all those tasks we just can’t manage when the gardens are in full bloom. 

We’ve been wading through admin and planning lovely things for the new year like a Snow Drop Walk and a Spring Foraging Session! 

A task made possible by our lovely Vegware grant is the overhaul of our well used garden tool store. By the end of the season many of our trusty tools are in need of some TLC, we have just purchased a sharpening tool, specialised cleaning fluid and cloths for the task – we, and some lovely volunteers, are about to roll up our sleeves and get to it!

Huge thanks, as ever, to Vegware for supporting us!

Community Fund – Edinburgh Garden Partners – September Update

After the dreadful summer weather September has been a lovely surprise and extended the gardening season for us here at Edinburgh Garden Partners. In addition to all the regular garden sharing activity this month has seen us complete 2 garden SOS’s that were much needed before the winter sets in. 

Volunteers from our ranks worked alongside 10 volunteers from Edinburgh University’s eVOLVE project. Great fun was had by all and huge progress was made.

One very grateful garden owner (92 years of age) summed up the difference our input had made: “Thank you all so much – this has given me another year in my home”…. not a dry eye in the garden!

Community Fund – Edinburgh Garden Partners – June Update

Here at EGP we are flat-out assessing gardens, recruiting volunteers and matching them up! Often by the time a call comes into us for help a garden can be ‘out of control’, we try and match a capable volunteer to the garden just as soon as we can but there can be several weeks delay. Thus we provide an ‘SOS’ service for gardens that need a bit of taming before the new volunteer can start working there. A team of dedicated souls typically arrive en masse with a large flask of tea and some treats (provided by us, of course!) and get to work clearing the space and returning it to it’s former glory.

The pictures show an example of a garden needing such attention and what it can look like just a short while later!

Thanks again to Vegware for helping us to provide training and materials for our volunteer gardeners to make such a transformation possible!