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Community Fund – Fauna de la Amazonia – June Update

path workHello, again, from Amazonas, Ecuador! (It is so-named because the waters from this region flow towards, and into, the River Amazon.)

Some raised beds have been created on the sloping areas between where future and current buildings are located. These beds will be used for growing plants for food as well nurturing the soil. As such, they will be low-growing as we do not want to encourage anything which may grow to threaten future structural damage to buildings – something which is easily done here, where trees can grow remarkable quickly.

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Community Fund – Fundación Fauna de la Amazonia – May Update

Well, here is the latest news from the Colonia 24 de mayo, Canton Mera, Pastaza, Ecuador…………. and there have been some mixed happenings………………….!

When Pete returned recently from further ventures in the USA, he brought with him an Unpersonned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and he has filmed some amazing footage, from above, of the area around, and including, the Fundación’s land. Here is a link to his first film which shows the location of the ‘finca’ (farm or land property in Spanish)………………………..

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