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Community Fund – Rhubarb Farm – January Update

The cabin for the Rhubarb Farm Men in Sheds Project was successfully delivered to the Farm on 12th January.

Tim the driver was brilliant. He used all his ingenuity and skill to get the cabin in position. It took a couple of lifts and the uncoupling of the trailer to achieve it. Volunteer Dave Allison really got stuck in and worked alongside Tim, hands on help and also encouraging him when it looked impossible!

Our thanks and gratitude to all those who helped us at Britcabs and Hutchinsons. We also have to thank Cllr Joan Dixon for finding us the funding for the Men in Sheds Project from the DCC Community Priorities Fund. We have also met with the Director of the RHS Chatsworth Flower Show, Jenny Jenner, her deputy, Liz Patterson and the Show Operations Manager, Amy Foster, at the School of Artisan Food to continue the planning for the Artisan Kitchen Theatre, to be run by the School of Artisan Food, and the Edible Feature, to be run by Rhubarb Farm.


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Community Fund – Grass Roots Remedies – January Update

This month in the Wester Hailes Community Herbal Clinic, we had a kind invitation from one of our resident GPs at the next door GP surgery, Dr Sineaid Bradshaw. She agreed to have us come and spend a morning observing her consultations. We are in a very privileged position in the Wester Hailes Healthy Living Centre to have such a commitment to partnership working from the agencies within the integrated building, so were excited to build our collaborations by spending some time with the GPs.

The clinic I attended was the Substance Misuse Clinic, a special service which runs three times a week from the practice where patients who are stable drug users are given a longer appointment of twenty minutes for a fuller check in on their medical issues and wellbeing. It runs in concert with the local Substance Misuse Directorate (SMD), key workers from the voluntary sector partners, as well as a Community Activity Mentor. Dr Bradshaw explained to me that the approach currently used is a model of Recovery, with Harm Reduction. The aim is not simply to “be the doctor who writes the methadone scripts” but to promote recovery by creating relationships with each patient, discussing and understanding their personal & social situations. The doctors prescribe medications as necessary, encouraging dose reductions as patients themselves are ready to do so, and to signpost to activities & community support for facilitating recovery.

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Community Fund – Broomhouse – January Update

On 28th of January 2017 we had a ‘Burns Ceilidh’ with the ‘Caleerie Band’ to help us celebrate in style with our volunteers and with our local community from the babies and toddlers to our senior friends.

We were all birling round all evening!

Thanks very much to Vegware much for to your generous donation of disposable tableware. Lovely big plates to serve up our veggie & regular haggis and neeps  – nobody had to do the washing up which was a massive help! We had a fantastic evening and thanks again to you all.

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Community Fund – Just cycle – January Update

Closed two weeks over Festive period but volunteers were back working on 3rd January. We have many more bikes now at the unit and have just last month agreed with the local authority that bikes from all recycling centres will now come to Just Cycle –with grateful thanks to the Criminal Justice team  at SBC who assist with transport and storage.

Sales-more sales to students last month including those studying in Edinburgh-word has spread of our brilliant service and competitive prices!

We have a request from a local primary school to supply bikes for nursery and p1 children (ages 3-6 years) as staff wish to get their children engaged early in outdoor physical activities. We will be providing around 10-12 bikes over the next couple of weeks –and more when we have them.

Galashiels  Rotary Club. We were asked  some months ago to go along to give a presentation on the charity so will be doing that this week  in order to promote what we have been doing and outline our future plans.

Funding-In January we managed to secure some funding for technical training for volunteers and we await the outcome of larger applications for staffing.

Community Fund – Glasgow Old People’s Welfare Association – January report

In the December planning meeting the group had agreed to start moving the soil out of the planters, however the general consensus at the January meeting agreed to postpone this until after the bulbs have flowered.  The group have agreed to plan a trip to Dobbies on 17th March to purchase the plants and hanging baskets to be suspended in the garden area.  We will also purchase paint to treat the benches along with nails and fitments for the hanging baskets in February.  We also held three bunting making workshops (photo attached) in January.  Roll on March!

Community Fund – Broomhouse – December Update

BHSG Shop and volunteers

In December our volunteers and BHSG staff had a fantastic festive outing to Dumfries to visit the ‘The Usual Place’, which is a local community project. Their local team that created the café and training kitchen in Dumfries a few years ago had previously come to find out how we run our BHSG services to get some ideas from us in Broomhouse. So we really enjoyed getting in the minibus and travelling over to the South West of Scotland to see and experience their wonderful community cafe. We had a delicious lunch, a tour and a wander down to the very pretty town, with a walk by the river. Highly recommend a visit there.

Tasty Bites Thursdays – we had our ongoing generous donations from ‘Tesco Fareshare’ and shared many tasty recipe bags with our service users in the shop.

2017  –We are currently promoting and planning our new term of exercise and cooking activities starting in January, we are delighted to say that Nation Lottery have awarded us four years of funding to help us offer our activities in the local community.  We had a nice break over Christmas and New Year to give our volunteers a well-deserved holiday.

Community Fund – Grass Roots Remedies – December Update

Winter in the Wester Hailes Community Herbal Medicine Clinic brings with it a lot of seasonal bugs and viruses, and this year is no exception. Our preference is always to use herbs which are seasonally and locally available, and so winter, with a distinct lack of plant life, can pose something of a challenge!

Luckily, while herbaceous perennials and annuals die back over winter, we can look to other kingdoms for some herbal support at this time of year. Two of our favourite herbs are both in the miraculous and ever-health giving kingdom of Fungi – the Old Man’s Beard Lichen & the Birch Polypore Mushroom. This past month we’ve been busy collecting these for medicine making & use in the clinic.

old mans beardOld Man’s Beard (Usnea spp.) is a lichen commonly found  year round on old growth trees within unpolluted areas. A lichen is a pretty marvellous symbiotic relationship between an algae and a fungi – the algae can photosynthesize and so it produces food for the pair, and the fungi stops the algae from drying out. These incredible organisms are some of the world’s oldest living things, and even helped to create soil way back when so that the first plants could grow.

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