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Community Fund – Cilgwyn Community Group – December Update

Unknown-1This winter we are very busy doing whatever we can to help refugees. We started by inviting (and funding) a group of 22 asylum seekers to visit our community for a weekend. We had workshops and talks, an evening of food and music, and also – at the request of some of the asylum seekers – football! The asylum seekers stayed with individual families in Cilgwyn and connections began to be made. 

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Community Fund – Cilgwyn Community Group – October Update

Unknown-3This one crab apple tree has enough crab apples for the whole community! It’s always an exciting time when they are ripe and all the children are keen to help harvest. The  Grandmother (in the photo) makes the crap apple jelly over an open fire. And, with the help of our new pasturizer she can now easily make enough for everyone who has helped to get a few jars. It’s a great mixture of old (fire) and new (pasturizer). And the reason the children are keen to help – we wait for Christmas Day to open the jars! Yes, the crab apples on this tree being ripe means that Christmas is on its way! 

Community Fund – Cilgwyn Community Group – July Update

Transition Cafe’s Cookery Show

Transition Cafe uses surplus food to create meals. Volunteers and paid people work together in the sociable little cafe, saving tons of waste and carbon.

At the agricultural show the staff put on a fun cookery performance to inform how best before does not mean inedible, and what you can make from random surplus produce. A Mrs Bouquet (‘Bucket’) was the obstreporous member of the public showing her disgust at all this ‘Second hand food’ – ‘My husband would never eat that!’ But she was won over and helped with the cooking and handing round of samples. It was a great show. Someone said we should be on television! I was the desert cook using over-ripe fruit and out of date crunch cereals to create fruit salad crumble, no cooking but lashings of out of date long life cream – Yum!