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Vegware visits Community Fund recipient Rowanbank

Last week I was lucky enough to visit one of our new regular Community Fund recipients, Rowanbank Environmental Education.  Rowanbank uses creative approaches such as theatre, circus, story-telling, music, art and innovative games to inform and inspire people to use their everyday actions to change the world.

Our Community Fund donation primarily goes towards subsidizing their Forest School project ‘Under the Sky’ which has the aim of encouraging children to spend more time in nature, with both their teachers and families. The forest school project involves elements of Forest School, combined with environmental theatre and is accessible to all, with a bursary system which provides a certain number of subsidised places provided by Vegware.

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Community Fund – Rowanbank Environmental Education – September Update

UnknownOur ‘Under the Sky’ October holiday forest club, was a huge success!… 37 children joined us for a fun filled week of learning and playing in Bawsinch Nature Reserve, Duddingston, Edinburgh. We lit fires, built dens, played music, told stories, climbed trees, made swings for children and traps for trolls, searched for faeries and identified mushrooms, birds and bugs, made paint out of elderberries and art installations out of autumn leaves, had tea parties….The photos tell the rest of the story….

A very special thank you to Vegware for supporting and making this project possible!

The ‘Under the Sky’ holiday club was run by Rowanbank Environmental Education and Woodland Learning Adventures (www.rowanbank.org.uk)

Eco-Drama’s production “Uprooted”

Uprooted featured Scotland’s first Living Stage a recyclable, biodegradable and edible theatre set created from locally found, reclaimed materials. The plants on stage were grown from seed by children from 4 Glasgow primary schools involved in our Out To Play project. Part theatre show, part garden and part art installation, audiences had the opportunity to nibble on plants, smell herbs and sample drinks made from the set.

The production connected audiences young & old with plants and nature through a unique multi-sensory theatre experience performed by a musician, dancer, storyteller and supporting cast of plants! The show explored themes of transformation, abundance, the cycle of life and seeing our wider planet as home.

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Community Fund – Elsewhere – September Update

The dust has settled; the tents are packed away; horses have returned to their home fields. And the first tour of The Elsewhere Travelling Storytelling Circus is officially over.

The summer has been, in a word, epic. The tour was an inspiring, infuriating and beautiful combination of magical imagination, hard work and bloody-minded stubborn madness.

There was laughing, crying, shouting, exalting, joking, playing.
We got rained on – a lot. We tackled mountain passes and forded a river. We argued. At times, we were quite ready to just quit. But nobody did.

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Community Fund – Clipperton Project – July Update

2015-07-04 14.25.10Volunteers mapped arts projects and points of environmental interest ahead of our expedition to The Northern Isles which is taking place throughout August (sailing around Shetland, Fair Isle and Orkney with a team of artists). The hope is that this research can help as a guide and aid decision making on the journey by boat, which is often at the mercy of the weather, with constantly changing plans, and need for alternative sheltered bays.

Volunteers assisted at our event on the 4th July “The Summer of Upcycle.” The event included three creative workshops themed around upcycling. Free burgers for attendees and tea and coffee. A local makers market with stalls from an upcycled glass company and a few other local makers.