Rhubarb Farm – March Update

March has seen more steps forward for Rhubarb Farm. Our horticulturist, Jason Rose, started work on 16th March. The site was ploughed by our farmer neighbour, then harrowed ready for planting. Jason, volunteers and the 3 gardeners have planted hundreds of onions, and the potatoes are ready to go in too. Continue reading

Green Up Your Act education – March Update

With spring on its way we are all keen to get outside and start growing. This week we are chitting early potatoes and growing them in reclaimed sacks used by builders for sand and gravel. The container it perfect for earthing up the tubers. With good weather and lots of watering we can look forward to eating them in June / July!

Rhubarb Farm – February Update

February saw two big steps forward for Rhubarb Farm. Firstly, our two 40′ containers, one for storage and the other an office, arrived on site ready for kitting out. Nottingham University Environmental Technology Centre is funding us to insulate the office container with sheep’s wool to save heating bills. Secondly, we employed 3 long-term unemployed young men as gardeners, under the Future Jobs Fund. They are all local lads. They are now preparing the ground ready for planting and sowing, with our farming neighbour ploughing the entire site.

Royal Ed Community Gardens – March update

The last couple of days of welcome warmth tell us that Spring is gathering force. As well as the joyous sight of the early flowers; Snowdrop, Winter Aconite and Crocus, the perennial weeds are awakening! Dockans and Comfrey are already rearing their heads in this year’s spud patch, reminding us that this is a time of hard work as well as enjoyment. Rabbit damage to trees over the last few days are a sign that this can also be a testing time of year, the ‘hungry gap’ between winter stores and new season’s growth. Continue reading

Royal Ed Community Gardens – February update

The mild weather in January has allowed work to pick up at the gardens, and we’ve been able to get on with tasks put on hold by the unseasonally early snowfalls last year.


Work on the Rabbit proof fences is nearing completion. This is a big job, around 300m of fencing with lots of changes of direction, and 7 gateways to allow easy access to the whole site. Most of the gates have been made from re-cycled timber, built under cover of the glasshouse during the dead of winter. Continue reading