Community Fund – Just cycle – January Update

Closed two weeks over Festive period but volunteers were back working on 3rd January. We have many more bikes now at the unit and have just last month agreed with the local authority that bikes from all recycling centres will now come to Just Cycle –with grateful thanks to the Criminal Justice team  at SBC who assist with transport and storage.

Sales-more sales to students last month including those studying in Edinburgh-word has spread of our brilliant service and competitive prices!

We have a request from a local primary school to supply bikes for nursery and p1 children (ages 3-6 years) as staff wish to get their children engaged early in outdoor physical activities. We will be providing around 10-12 bikes over the next couple of weeks –and more when we have them.

Galashiels  Rotary Club. We were asked  some months ago to go along to give a presentation on the charity so will be doing that this week  in order to promote what we have been doing and outline our future plans.

Funding-In January we managed to secure some funding for technical training for volunteers and we await the outcome of larger applications for staffing.

Community Fund – Fundación Fauna de la Amazonía – January Update

Hi, there! It’s time again for the latest from Ecuador!

Well, the ‘rainy season’ has continued…..the road in and out was blocked again by landslides, and to leave we had to walk past the Rio Anzu (about seven or eight kilometres) before it was possible to be picked up for the rest of the way to Mera. Sadly, many people have lost their homes, and at least part of their land, not far from us, and a house collapsed on a family near the roadway to Puyo due to floodwaters – killing two of the children inside – very sad indeed.

This month, we have been delighted to welcome Matthew and Alice who have come to visit and help on the land. They arrived mid-month and have already assisted magnificently with a number of tasks, including cleaning out the dike (dam) and one of the big water tanks; cutting and clearing grass near the boundary of the land and around newly planted trees; planting some trees in the forest; and helping with Pete and Glen and others on the first stage of the new pathway into the land from the new entrance. This latter work involves lifting and moving lots of rocks and sand and setting these out on the path – carried out with great humour and energy – Good One, Guys!

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Community Fund – Glasgow Old People’s Welfare Association – January report

In the December planning meeting the group had agreed to start moving the soil out of the planters, however the general consensus at the January meeting agreed to postpone this until after the bulbs have flowered.  The group have agreed to plan a trip to Dobbies on 17th March to purchase the plants and hanging baskets to be suspended in the garden area.  We will also purchase paint to treat the benches along with nails and fitments for the hanging baskets in February.  We also held three bunting making workshops (photo attached) in January.  Roll on March!

Community Fund – Garden Gate Project – January Update

January has been a time of maintenance at the Garden.  We had our little woodland coppiced and we are now planning what to with the branches.  Building a sculpture is the favourite idea so far so hopefully next month we will be able to share with you what our creative guys at the Garden have done.

Arts and Crafts has been very popular whilst the weather has been colder and our ‘Recovery through Activity’ course in collaboration with East Kent College commenced in January.  ‘Recovery through Activity’ is a course focused on the attributes of regular engagement in social activities and it’s benefits to wellbeing.

Thank you for your continued support… 

Community Fund – Edinburgh Garden Partners – December Update

Focusing more on a ‘seasonal operation’ (concentrating our resources on the busy ‘growing months’) means that things have been relatively quiet here… we have been planning for the 2017 growing season, redrafting PR materials, overhauling our tool store, stocking up on seeds and trowels and of course searching for funding to keep EGP alive.

The amazing ongoing support from Vegware means that we can afford to have seeds and tools ready for the new garden shares we will create this coming Spring – we currently have 16 gardens waiting and 12 volunteers at the application stage with 6 more expressions of interest to be followed up.

So the relative ‘quiet’ will not last long…

Community Fund – Scottish Waterways Trust – December Update

December was a quiet month in terms of activity on the canal, in part because during the quieter winter months, the canal gets a bit of an “MOT”, with maintenance and repairs being carried out along the network. As part of this process, this year there is an opportunity to…

See the Union Canal as you’ve never seen it before – without water.

As part of its wide-ranging programme of winter maintenance, the water level will be reduced along five kilometres of the 200-year-old waterway at Linlithgow between the 9th of January and 16th February. In total, around 30,000 cubic metres of water will be drained from the canal.

At an Open Day from 1pm-3pm on the 4th of February, visitors can hear from Scottish Canals’ engineering team about how they’re working to safeguard the Union Canal’s rich heritage for future generations to enjoy; take a trip into the history of the waterway with a time-hopping tour of its construction; and have a look at the canal’s 200-year-old infrastructure as it exists below the water.

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Community Fund – Howden Clough Cooperative Farm – December Update

Well what a few week we have had due to a bird flue out break which has got as far as Louth in Lincoln, we have had to quarantine all our poultry and other live stock for 30 days at least, I don,t think they are too happy but at least they still have plenty of space to move about in. We also have 2 new additions to our live stock, two white doves which are doing really well (pic below). In December we harvested our remaining red onions from the raised beds in the poly tunnel, we ended up with a few kilo, so not to waste any I decided to make a caramelised onion marmalade, which I feel compelled to share the recipe as wow what a result so here it is:

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Community Fund – Broomhouse – December Update

BHSG Shop and volunteers

In December our volunteers and BHSG staff had a fantastic festive outing to Dumfries to visit the ‘The Usual Place’, which is a local community project. Their local team that created the café and training kitchen in Dumfries a few years ago had previously come to find out how we run our BHSG services to get some ideas from us in Broomhouse. So we really enjoyed getting in the minibus and travelling over to the South West of Scotland to see and experience their wonderful community cafe. We had a delicious lunch, a tour and a wander down to the very pretty town, with a walk by the river. Highly recommend a visit there.

Tasty Bites Thursdays – we had our ongoing generous donations from ‘Tesco Fareshare’ and shared many tasty recipe bags with our service users in the shop.

2017  –We are currently promoting and planning our new term of exercise and cooking activities starting in January, we are delighted to say that Nation Lottery have awarded us four years of funding to help us offer our activities in the local community.  We had a nice break over Christmas and New Year to give our volunteers a well-deserved holiday.

Community Fund – Grass Roots Remedies – December Update

Winter in the Wester Hailes Community Herbal Medicine Clinic brings with it a lot of seasonal bugs and viruses, and this year is no exception. Our preference is always to use herbs which are seasonally and locally available, and so winter, with a distinct lack of plant life, can pose something of a challenge!

Luckily, while herbaceous perennials and annuals die back over winter, we can look to other kingdoms for some herbal support at this time of year. Two of our favourite herbs are both in the miraculous and ever-health giving kingdom of Fungi – the Old Man’s Beard Lichen & the Birch Polypore Mushroom. This past month we’ve been busy collecting these for medicine making & use in the clinic.

old mans beardOld Man’s Beard (Usnea spp.) is a lichen commonly found  year round on old growth trees within unpolluted areas. A lichen is a pretty marvellous symbiotic relationship between an algae and a fungi – the algae can photosynthesize and so it produces food for the pair, and the fungi stops the algae from drying out. These incredible organisms are some of the world’s oldest living things, and even helped to create soil way back when so that the first plants could grow.

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