How to apply

The Vegware Community Fund gives monthly support to non-profit sustainability projects, with new recipients being added as Vegware grows. We are currently taking on new recipients on a monthly basis.

The Vegware Community Fund offers support in two ways:

  • Product donation: a regular donation of Vegware’s eco takeaway packaging for use at fundraising events or by volunteers
  • Monthly grants: a regular donation  of £20-200 (UK) and $25-250 (US), intended to contribute to core running costs and act as a basis from which to either focus on their chosen task, or apply for project grants

If you are involved in enhancing any aspect of your local environment or community, you can apply to the Vegware Community Fund regular funding by downloading these forms:

Please send your completed application form and accompanying notes to:

If you are looking for a one-off donation for a community/charity event,  please just send us an email to tell us more about it!