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Eco-Drama’s production “Uprooted”

Uprooted featured Scotland’s first Living Stage a recyclable, biodegradable and edible theatre set created from locally found, reclaimed materials. The plants on stage were grown from seed by children from 4 Glasgow primary schools involved in our Out To Play project. Part theatre show, part garden and part art installation, audiences had the opportunity to nibble on plants, smell herbs and sample drinks made from the set.

The production connected audiences young & old with plants and nature through a unique multi-sensory theatre experience performed by a musician, dancer, storyteller and supporting cast of plants! The show explored themes of transformation, abundance, the cycle of life and seeing our wider planet as home.

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Garvald’s Autumn Festival

IMG_3598Garvald is a Scottish Charity offering creative opportunities and support for people with learning disabilities. Last month they held an Autumn Festival to raise funds for their work and it was a complete success! The event was a celebration of our work and it will gave their members an invaluable opportunity to show off their creative talents through various performances and a small sale of their creations. 

In total over 300 people visited their workshop and they raised almost £2000. A special thanks to Vegware  for our donation was given on their facebook page –

We also received a thank you in the form of some delicious cakes delivered to us from their bakery … Thanks Garvald!!