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Blaise christmas fair

Blasie community gardens had a Christmas Craft day on 3rd Dec.  Blaise aims are both to grow fruit, vegetable and flowers organically for the community and to involve and interest children in food production and the natural world. We shall be helping the children (& their parents!)  to make Christamas ornaments from natural materials.  We shall be serving tea/coffee/juice, mince pies & cakes at theis event.  The event was highly successful last year with a high turnover of visitors. 

Thank you Vegware for donating some of your products to our Christmas Craft Day, which was a great success.  Please see below some photos of the event. 

The event was aimed mostly at children with a view to attracting them into the garden again in the growing season, so that they become more aware of where food comes from and how important the natural world is.  We hope to put up a collage of photos from the event, including the compost heap, to demonstrate how we can all do some recycling.

4 Geeks versus 3 Peaks fundraiser for railway children charity

‘4 Geeks versus 3 Peaks’ are a Scunthorpe and Lincoln based group of fundraisers who will be doing the 3 Mountain Peaks National Challenge next year, and are raising money for the Railway Children; a charity dedicated to helping homeless, runaways and abandoned children who live in and around train stations in the UK and abroad. I would like to ask if you would be able to make a donation to one of our children’s events, the first of which will be an event on Bonfire night (

The Glow Bugs event will be targeted to young children and children with learning and physical disabilities, people who are not comfortable around loud bangs, big fires, or lots of people. We will be creating a safe and calm environment with a sensory area with lights and tactile toys recommended by SEN professionals, we will also be having lots of crafts, games, activities, including a glow in the dark disco with UV paints and glow sticks. We are also planning a Superhero/Geek fest for February 2017 and will be needing supplies for this also.

The event went down a storm, It was a pleasure to meet you and thank you very much for all your support and effort in helping us to raise £241 for the Railway Children’s charity!

Branching Out Award Ceremony with Earth for Life

Thanks again for the donation of warm drinks cups and spoons for the Branching Out Award Ceremony.

We held the ceremony in Shielburn woods, Rosewell with participants, their families, the Occupational Therapists, Support Workers, Colin Beattie SNP MSP and Nathalie Moriarty from the Forestry Commission.  We had a great afternoon with soup and music and everyone was suitably impressed with the work Vegware is doing!

Stanwick WI fundraising cake sale

Sending you a selection of photos from our event on Sunday.  Raunds and Stanwick WIs provided cream teas at the Mayor’s Show in Raunds and raised funds for the local Firefighters Charity.

Many customers were impressed by the compostable cutlery that you kindly donated free of charge.

We had a really good day.  Thanks once again for your generosity.

Wild Futures Supporter’s Day

Primate welfare and conservation charity, Wild Futures relies heavily on the support and good-will of people to raise funds. As a way of saying thank you, every year Wild Futures hosts a Supporter’s Day, at their flagship project, The Monkey Sanctuary in Looe, Cornwall. The day involves a free lunch, talks and tours around the site to see the rescued monkeys, games, information about the charity, and a special thank you from the director, Rachel Hevesi.

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Elizabeth’s work experience in South Africa

I have come back from South Africa, from a profound working experience piloting my project ‘Let’sMove’ in Durban and Rural Ingwavuma in KwaZulu-Natal.


A boy, 6 years old (but the socio-emotional development of a 4-year-old compared to where we are from the west). When I first met him he was angry, impatient, unfocussed and wild. Hitting other children, hardly using language, screaming if he wanted something or pointing. After 2 days I saw a big change in him, he was more calm and focussed, I got his attention. After 4 days he started helping the younger and smaller children in his class and when he learnt something new he would show them. After 6 days he was showing affection. After 2 weeks he started to use correct language, asking for things and saying thank you. After 2 weeks he came running with pictures, letters, anything he could find and asking me what it was all named in English and he would teach me the Zulu words. After 7 weeks (and this amazed me), he showed HE wanted affection. He would stand very still in front of me. Then all of a sudden jump in my lap and wanted to be cradled like a baby and I had to rub his hair and tummy. He let this happen for a good 5 minutes when he jumped off and went gently to a little girl (who shows all the signs of being abused), looked at her, she gave non-verbal permission) and picked her up to give her such a genuine, honest and gentle cuddle.

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