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Calder Food Hub June Update

We have been working with Hope St Baptist Church, initially on a joint event that took
place on the 24th of April, ‘Seedy Saturday’, a plant and seed swap day. We tidied up the
garden with 12 hours of voluntary labour to give us some idea of the present maintenance
requirements and the possibilities for further design. The garden space is to multi
functional, used by a number of groups, and we want to keep this to the fore by inviting
stakeholders, interest groups and the general public to a ‘garden party’ to discuss options.
Now we have been cited by the Church as the principal partner for the garden
development we are looking at funding a coordinator position to oversee the project and
organise a work plan.

Greener Leith June Update

Thanks to Vegware funding, we have been able to continue our work improving local green spaces. You can see a Flickr slide show of our work in May, planting the Leith Links Childrens Orchard here:

More recently, we’ve been working in the Persevere community garden.

Green Up You Act Education – June Update

Schools and colleges all contribute to the green house gases in our environment. The energy and water used,  waste produced and the traveling involved in getting to and from schools, become a part of the schools carbon footprint. Targeting these areas and implementing a reduction is key to not only making your school kinder to the planet, but also creates an inspiring and empowering place for students to learn.

One of the most effective ways of bringing down the carbon emissions is for a school to become an ‘Eco School’. This month I will be introducing the ideas of sustainability to lower classes of Shoreham Beach Primary School for their Eco week keeping them on track for the Eco Schools Silver Flag award.

Rhubarb Farm June Update

Rhubarb Farm has now been able to lease another 6 acres adjacent to the 2.5acres we already have.  This will enable us to generate a much better income growing fruit and vegetables, enable us to be more sustainable and to promote all our environmental activities – compost toilets, windpower, photovoltaics and water harvesting.  We have also been awarded a short-term graduate intern from Nottingham University, and our Local Strategic Partnership has offered us £50K so we can get our first staff employed.   We have had a wonderful response from local people to the idea of RHUBARB FARM and a lot of support from the local authorities we will serve.  We are now spending a lot of time applying for funds and getting quotes to fence our site, get safe storage and the equipment needed to start growing.  All very exciting!

Green Up Your Act Education – May update

Over the next month we will be building a Bug Hotel with St Mary Magdalene’s school Eco club. The habitat will provide shelter for insects and wild life and will also provide an excellent out of class learning experience. Having biodiversity with in the school grounds will help gain a silver award for the schools Eco school program.

Green Up You Act Education – April Update

On the 28th of March Green Up your Act Education attended the Climate Connections event in Brighton. The aim of this event was to bring together people living in Brighton & Hove with people living in other parts of the world to share their experiences and raise awareness of the impact of climate change. At the event we gave advice on seasonal food and also gave away tomato seedlings  for people to grow at home. Our efforts were greatly received and the seedlings much appreciated.

Green Up Your Act Education – March Update

Green Up Your Act Education is pleased to confirm that Northlew primary,  Exbourne primary school and Black Torrington School in Devon have signed up for four Green workshops to accompany their Eco Awareness days. These schools are in remote areas and find it hard to get representatives to come and help. The Vegware Community fund is being used to help fund these and future workshops which we hope will make a real difference to children’s awareness of green issues.